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what is the score required for the speaking section of the TOEFL-iBT? i checked with the Visascreen handbook, it stated there that total score must be 83 and 26 is needed for the speaking part. however, i've seen previous sites... Read More

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    Only the BON can say whether they will waiver something

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    Quote from shannalim
    May I know can I waive off TOEFL iBT in WA BON? because CGFNS CP waived my english proficiency test and my textbook is all taught in english.

    Anyone able to help please?Thank you very much!
    Do you mind telling us in what country did you receive your RN education? Mine was done in the Philippines and all textbooks are in English. Thanks!
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    Hi, I am working in Arizona state I passed the AZ Toefl score but not the VSC require which is 26 in speaking if I mention the CGFNS that I am working in AZ and passed the english test will they issue me VSC ?

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