1. Hello Dear Hardworking and Softhearted Nurses!,
    I am a Nurse with 35 Years of experience in the variety of medical fields, surgical, ophthalmology, ICU -8 years.,and last 10 years in Dental private Clinic(with all possible surgeries and implants) in Dubai. I have associate Degree from home country(Uzbekistan) which is 2 years of study and 2830 Hours of total theory and practice. I want to comeback to ICU field , but I am facing a lot of obstacles,
    1.I don't have BSN. 2.I lost my qualification during my work in Dental clinic for past 10 years
    I am living and working in Dubai, and searching for any online study from RN to BSN, but no College accepting me, I don't know what is preventing me to meet their criteria,maybe my edge,I am 48 y.o.
    I am healthy, my two sons has grown and living their life, I am not married and have a lot of free time, and I am ready to study to be able to comeback to ICU, willing to give my knowledge,my time, my Love and care, because this is my way of life, my passion, my mission. Maybe some of you can give me advice, how to solve this problem, or is it real that I lost my qualification and have to forget about my " Purpose in Life" ?!
    Thank to all of You just because YOU ARE NURSES!
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  4. by   KlaraMuzafarova
    Thank You very much dear janfrn , I hope it will be the first step in my journey of going out from my problem. Thank You.