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Hello everyone, Is it possible for me to get an employment if I just apply online? I'm not residing in Canada but I'll be starting my application for a visa soon. Also, can you guys recommend where can I check out the... Read More

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    Permanent residency is a federal program so it isn't possible for Manitoba to have a "more lenient system". What is more likely is that there are fewer applicants therefore the process is a little shorter.

    Locally-educated nurses in Ontario are finding it hard to get work and many of them have moved to other provinces so they can have jobs... Having relatives in a certain place doesn't really mean much in terms of finding work in health care unless you're looking at privately-run nursing homes where there are no unions. There's nothing to stop you from working as a live-in caregiver or a nursing assistant if you're here under the family class, but the Federal Skilled Worker program will require you to work as an RN or an LPN... if you meet the provincial college's requirements. You will have many hurdles to overcome whichever route you choose. With the current employment situation in most of the country there won't be an employer wanting to hire someone from outside the country when they can have their pick of Canadian nurses with a minimum of fuss or delay.

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    Why do you think it'll be any easier to find a job as an LPN? You are NOT an LPN.

    Honestly, I'm tired of reading "if I can't get an RN position, I'll take an LPN position". LPNs take their own jobs.

    The LPN practice permit isn't a consolation prize for people.
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    PR is as Jan mentioned federal however some provinces have a route for PR due to requirement for skilled workers. I suggest a good read on the CIC website. Meeting provincial requirements to be a RN is what most have problems with as some provinces require difference to others
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    Hi Silverdragon,

    Thanks for your help.

    Hello Janfrn,

    Thank you for your help.

    janfrn, <br>im also using this in a research paper and would appreciate it if you could send me your name in a personal message also<br>thank you<br>
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