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Hi! I want to start a thread for scandinavian nurses. Lets make this thread as a meeting and discussion place for all of scandinavians all around the world :) And ofcourse if you, who are not scandinavian are also welcome... Read More

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    The first thing you need to do is learn Norwegian before you can get a job. You can have a visa that allows you to study Norwegian for 1 year with the intention of applying for a job at the end of the course. But you will also have to take the necessary requirements to get your nursing degree approved. Which agency is offering you this opportunity? I would be careful of where you get such offers as there are problems with foreigners being taken advantage of (something I experienced while studying Nursing here). Do you have any connections in Norway that can help you find a place to live and help you with the visa process? Do you know anyone that lives here? It is important to have people around you that can help you integrate. You can find videos on youtube of people teaching basic Norwegian.

    Good luck!
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