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  1. by   Vania
    Hi everyone!

    I hope you can give me some help and advice on moving to Sweden from the UK.

    I'm currently a General Practice Nurse (I work in a health centre/Vrdcentraler). I've qualified as an Adult Nurse and therefore don't have a lot of experience/knowledge with working with children (apart from administering childhood immunisations).

    My husband is Swedish and we're thinking about moving to Sweden. Cana nyone answer the following:
    -Would I have to take further studies in order to do a similar role in Sweden (Swedish District Nurse/distriktsjukskterskor)?

    -Do you have to be a Specialist Primary Care Nurse to work in a health centre?

    -If I specialise in Primary Care Nursing in the UK, I'm guessing it would be recognised in Sweden because of the EU. But as the course content would be quite diferent (ie no healthcare for children and adolescents or school nursing, no home care or what we call District Nursing in the UK), would employers appreciate it?

    -What's the average pay of a primary care nurse in Sweden?

    -Finnaly, are there any occupational health nurses in Sweden?

    Many thanks for any answers.

  2. by   r.u.serius
    Wow! The last post here is 2008, but I'll take my chances I am a nurse from Stavanger Norway moving to Canada... Anyone among the group who is in the same situation or who knows anybody? I need to ask about licensing/ assessment of eligibilty etc.
    Greatly appreciated! P forhnd takk!
  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Getting licensed in Canada is done byt the College of RN of the province on an individual basis as a lot will depend on what you submit and what your transcripts state
  4. by   DILDAAR
    hi friends, i am a real confused and scared nurse friends,i am from india a registered nurse here i got 2 year experience and have completed my postgraduation too,,i got an offer to go to norway on a job seeker visa,,the agency said that i can work there as a nurse assistant for first year and later on can convert to a registerd nurse status,,but by reading various blogs and forums i am getting really scared cause most of them says that its tough to get a job in norway and without a job its too unaffordable to live in there,,please give me an answer should i take a chance and come to norway or should i drop the idea,,please friends please help me ,,give me the best answer if it is positive or negative i will accept it.
  5. by   Norwaynurse

    The first thing you need to do is learn Norwegian before you can get a job. You can have a visa that allows you to study Norwegian for 1 year with the intention of applying for a job at the end of the course. But you will also have to take the necessary requirements to get your nursing degree approved. Which agency is offering you this opportunity? I would be careful of where you get such offers as there are problems with foreigners being taken advantage of (something I experienced while studying Nursing here). Do you have any connections in Norway that can help you find a place to live and help you with the visa process? Do you know anyone that lives here? It is important to have people around you that can help you integrate. You can find videos on youtube of people teaching basic Norwegian.

    Good luck!