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Hi, Everyone! Some questions for those who recently became an RN or a CPN in Montreal, Quebec. 1) OIIQ now states on their website that regardless of one's studies and work experience, all... Read More

  1. by   kristoffRN
    Hi! what do i need to write in my request letter for the OIIQ pack? Thanks in advance
  2. by   rnako
    Hi! How's it going in Montreal? Have you taken the french exam? Is it really only listening and speaking exam? or does it have written? Are you working as a full pledged nurse in Montreal now? tnx
  3. by   kristoffRN

    Will requirements such as TOR, Diploma (Secondary and Nursing) should be original? or is it ok if it's just certified true copy? Thanks in advance... I need to prepare it asap 'cause the processing my take some time...
  4. by   chatalle
    For those who are interested, here is what I have learned about the French exam-

    There are four parts-
    1. oral comprehension (40 multiple choice questions)
    2. writing
    3. reading (20 multiple choice questions on texts related to one's own profession)
    4. oral expression (related to one's own profession)

    Part 1 & 2 are general topics. 3 & 4 are nursing related. The lady at my school told me that there was a student who failed because he couldn't answer/discuss about the urine testing strips in French.

    According to my French teacher, I "will fail the writing the first time because pretty much everyone does" because my answer will get corrected "as if you are French" Encouraging, isn't it?

    One good thing he told me is that if you don't pass all 4 sections at once, then you only have to retake the section you failed instead of taking the whole test again. I think he said that you have to wait for 2-3 months before you can retake it though.

    Hope this helps.
  5. by   steven123
    I have a couple of questions regarding Quebec Nursing program, i hope you could help me.

    1. How much salary do they pay for a CPN after completing the integration program while having temporary work permit?

    2.And also can we take the intensive High school french for 7 months as alternative for french exam then the OIIQ will still grant you as a Full RN after passing their board exam for RN and permanent residency?

    3. Can a beginner in french, like me who only knows english and tagalog, can possibly pass the french exam within 3 yrs of study for french language while working as a CPN?

    Forgive me if I have lot of questions. I really need to know more about this Quebec NUrsing Program because I already signed up for this in our agency and I want to make sure of this for my future as well.
    Your reply is much appreciated and helpful to most of filipino who signed up for this program. Thank you.....
  6. by   mhyge
    Ah.. right.. me too.. im already signed up in our agency for this program.. i hope things will be fine. i hope all our queries will be answered from those who had been through this program. tnx!
  7. by   mhyge
    wow! good for you! thank you for letting us know your status there. I wish you good luck and good career. Endure!
  8. by   07genona
    hi guys! my message wasnt post last new on this forum and upon reading all the threads i've learned a lot... thnks to miasat for giving us a very insights about quebec exam.. Honestly, Im not familiar with quebec nursing program nor im aware of it.. What i'm aware of is quebec skilled worker or quebec provincial nominee program which i've applied. anyways, all our concerns here is about OIIQ exams.. Im also planning to apply for assessment but I still don't know where to begin with..I just want to ask if like for example, u already applied for registration ang they send u confirmation regarding when to take the exam.. Is there any timeframe for that or deadline since im still waiting for my Interview date to get my CSQ or quebec selection certificate.. and another thing is, im concerned bout the forms that to be completed by my previous employers, because i havent completed my contract from my previous employment.. your replies are well appreciated..
  9. by   mhyge
    Hi genona! Im also planing to do that process; applying for the Quebec skilled worker category. Could you tell me if what did you do first? Have you sent your documents to Hongkong Immigration already?
  10. by   mhyge
    Hi miasat!

    How much did it cost for assessment in oiiq upon submission of your papers? Did the oiiq already invited you to take the French exam? Is there a specific band score to assess your French exam if you qualify to work as RN in Quebec. By the way, congratulations for passing their board exam.

    My main concern is the expenses you spent along your way in processing. Please give me accurate details... ^^ thanks a lot!

    By the way, before you went there. Did you take french exam here in our country, Phils? Because my agency advise me to take the french exam here as part of the requirements before I could submit all my documents to Hongkong Immigration for assessment. Then, is it true that the expenses that I will spend in French exam here in our country will be refunded once I get there??
  11. by   mhyge
    Hello sweetpamela!

    So your taking student visa first then later process permanent residency. But which do you think is better?

    - apply as a student then later for PR?? Have many months will it take you to have PR in Quebec as verbalized by your agency?


    - apply PR then once your there; you'll apply in oiiq??

    Which strategy would take us in fast process?

    Processing for PR is quite a long wait but the good thing is that the status is.. I think, stable.. hmmm...

    Could you tell me what your agency advised??

    By the way, did you receive your file number already??

    Hoping for your reply asap..

    Thanks a lot!
  12. by   miasat
    hi guys, thanks for reposting my messages here - it has become a bit frustrating repeating information over and over again. through the course of my application for registration in quebec, i have come to rely on allnurses as my sounding board- so i wrote in this thread everything i know, every step of the way. keeps the anxiety level in check. if you would go back to the beginning of this thread, you will see that i posted all the procedure up until the exam. even wrote a lengthy description of the oiiq exam.. of which i hope i wont get into trouble for. lol.
    now, i have heard of this agency in the philippines marketing the so-called "quebec nursing program," - a term you cannot find in any official govt website, because it's only a term coined by the agency for marketing purposes. this cannot be confused with the other legit immigration programs of canada. I do not know this agency so i cannot discredit their claims, that of helping international nurses gain entry into canada. Up to the present moment, I have not confirmed anybody who has successfully arrived in quebec via the process they describe. Anyhow, immigration discussions are not allowed in this thread, and we really don't want to be blocked.
    @ewol - the short version of getting registered in quebec - you get application packet from oiiq, you submit all the documents, they tell you what you have to do (training or course), then if you pass, they tell you to take the exam. They tell you when - if you don't take it the time that they tell you to, it's considered one fail (unless you have a very good reason why you missed the exam). No, I did not take the french course in the Philippines, I took a few courses in Montreal, never took the required French exam. After I passed the OIIQ exam, I was given a temporary license, renewable 3 times until I pass the french language test. But since the oiiq exam is equivalent to the crne (canada board exam), I applied for a job all over the country - and am now based in Winnipeg. I am a fully registered nurse in Manitoba now, and I love this city as well as I did (and still do) Montreal.
    As for the expenses, I reiterate my previous statement from previous posts. I came here already with a permanent resident visa, family-sponsored. I have no idea about immigration procedures - so I really am not in a position to give you advice. Ballpark figure, since I forgot how much exactly i paid - oiiq application fee of $500, exam fee of $500, then once i passed, registration fee of another $500 ..and $50 for the OIIQ reviewer.
    Also, if you intend to invest, you can actually read up on the entire process from the OIIQ website.. it may look intimidating, but they do have english forms there.. you can also call oiiq directly for questions, they're very accommodating.

    Best of luck!
  13. by   mhyge
    To miasat:

    Thanks a lot! Ahhm.. I could have a lesser pay on my application. Actually, I'm applying for the QSW category. That's why I'm asking how much is the expenses if I personally apply in oiiq. But as what was said from our co-nurse here in this thread, your not actually going to pay $500 for the exam if you passed, right? about $300 will be returned, right? Registration fee is quite expensive.. By the way, thank you so much for the information. Wow! I'm happy for your status right now.