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Hi, Everyone! Some questions for those who recently became an RN or a CPN in Montreal, Quebec. 1) OIIQ now states on their website that regardless of one's studies and work experience, all applicants outside of Quebec must... Read More

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    1 quick question please.. why of all the places here in canada would you prefer quebec? (i don't mean anything by this, just curious).. i understand your frustration and i'm sorry i'm not of much help too.. i have just been granted the dec (diplôme d'études collégiales), will inform you soon of what happens next.. just be patient with the oiiq.. good luck..

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    hi. here's what i went through with the oiiq. which, for the most part, is similar to the other provinces which i applied to. i applied with the crnbc, and the california board, and overall, i had to endure practically the same amount of waiting.

    in november, i submitted all the requirements for assessment to the oiiq - which included, the application form, the proof of nursing registration license from my home country (the philippines, which i had them fill out before coming here), my official transcript of records from the nursing school, and my high school (secondary school) credentials, and some basic identification documents (birth certificate).
    it took awhile for the micc (the ministry of education) to assess and validate my academic documents. they released my files in february. after which, the oiiq evaluated my documents (apparently through a committee) and sent me a decision in late march.
    all in all, it was a 4-5 month wait.
    the decision was for me to take a 40-day integration course. the thing is, i graduated from my nursing degree only in 2008, and passed my local board exam in the same year. so that's fairly recent. i haven't had any nursing experience. i was expecting to be required to take the five month course which ive been reading about here. apparently, they do take in consideration the fact that i only graduated a couple of years ago.
    With the 40day professional integration, i had to apply in the hospitals here. that's the only option, otherwise if no hospital would have me, i'd have to take the 5 month course in a local cegep. that's the most complicated part.
    i applied at the mcgill network of hospitals here, and they turned my application down on two counts. first, the lack of experience (even with the oiiq decision), and second, my lack of french.
    i applied in another hospital, at st. mary's, which is a more anglophone environment, and they agreed to take me in on the integration program.
    im about to start in a week's time, and il keep you guys posted on how it goes with me. i put aside my struggle with french for the time being, but i do know that i'd have to pass that exam eventually if i want to practice here.
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    hi miaSAT can you please give me the step by step process on how you done your OIIQ requirements.?? please.. I only had paid for MICC the $105 + their requirements which I made last december and for the OIIQ I've ask a friend to process my papers in the phil. do i still have to wait for the MICC's assessment and validation before I pass the other requirements need by the oiiq?I also taking now my French class. i'm looking forward to get some info thanks..
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    hi blackforest_14.
    good thing you started you're application for evaluation. are you a fresh graduate? i'm in the same situation as yours, also from the philippines (only, we can't talk in filipino here as per forum's tos). i'm only waiting for the verdict of the nursing committee which could take at least a month to arrive.

    the thing is, i applied directly thru the oiiq. paid the $600+ fee to open up a file. i think this is mandatory because they can't evaluate your papers not until you pay this to "open up a file" in your name. then, they gave me an application packet which is supposed to be sent back home to the schools, previous employeer, prc, etc. is this the form you sent back home? you should call the oiiq or the micc to follow up and ask the situation of your papers. as for the certified true copies, let your friend back home acquire a certified true copy of your otr from your school. i believe they also ask a certified true copy of your birth certificate so let it all be accomplished before they send them to you/oiiq.

    what were the requirements of the micc that you completed?

    good luck in your application and always feel free to post more questions here.
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    hi blackforest. as for me, i prepared my application requirements while i was still in the phils. someone sent me the application packet from montreal, and mailed it to the phils. so before coming here, i had everything ready. in the packet, they have a list of documents you have to submit - a.) proof of ID (birth certificate or passport) , b.) academic documents which include your secondary education/high school (including diploma), you BSN diploma and transcript of records with attestation form (which your previous school will fill out), c.) attestation of registration (there is the form which the PRC will fill out, or whatever board of nursing you got your license from), attestation of professional experience (form which your previous employers will fill out), and of course, the application fee, which during my time was around 600 CAD. these requirements could be submitted directly from the organizations/institutions filling them out. in my case though, since i hand-carried the documents, i just handed it over to the OIIQ in its original sealed envelope.
    the OIIQ then sent my academic documents to the MICC to be assessed. took a two-three months to process (probably because it was during the holidays that they sent them out). probably, if you have already been assessed by the micc, you can ask the oiiq if you can submit your evaluation results directly to them, or if they can get a copy of the evaluation results directly from the micc.
    overall, it might sound a bit complicated, but once you get all your documents ready, with a little patience, you will be evaluated and get your results in around 5-6 months time. the oiiq is quite receptive to questions that you might have. in my experience, the oiiq people are very helpful and will explain anything you need to know.
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    thank you soo much miasat and nicole! it was really helpful.. ..for now I'm starting to ask AGAIN my friend in phil. to have my academic documents certified! wow! of course this would take a month i'm so sure! but it's ok! i'm concentrating on my French class so it doesn't matter. I also got my MICC's assessment..
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    Hi Mia,

    I really wanted to send you a private message but I can't do so at the moment yet (I have to have 15 posts in this forum ).. Anyway, I just received my evaluation results from the OIIQ.. Fortunately, I also have to do a 40 day integration in a clinical setting or in a college institution.. Thank goodness it was not what I expected.. I've heard a lot of stories that nurses like us who come here will have to study for atleast 2 years.. Also, I really thought they'd send me to a school for a refresher course because it was years ago that I finished my studies..

    I really wanted to ask you how your integration program is doing? I just hope they're not giving you a hard time.. I also have to go the same process as yours, have to find an institution that will help me.. I don't even know where to start first but will surely drop by at St. Mary's.. Oh, what edition of the exam preparation guide book do you have? I saw the most recent one and man was it too thick! And costs $50 bucks!

    There's one thing that's also bugging me.. I don't know if I'm going to learn everything I need to know in the 40-day-integration program compared to enrolling in a CEGEP.. I'm itching to get back to the workforce but it's my lack of experience and knowledge that I'm afraid of..

    Please do get back to me.. Good luck to us..
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    hi nicole! im so happy for you. try st. mary's ok. i had a great experience doing my integration with them. im already a GPL (thanks to them), and hope to take the exam this september. yes the book cost 50 dollars..and the exam fee costs more. it's shocking. almost 500 dollars (490++) for the exam. this is on top of the 600 or so i paid for the evaluation. and i heard you have to pay 500 everytime you take the exam as exam fee. so that's additional pressure to pass the exam the first time. i'm just figuring things out as i go along. i guess we're both lucky we got here at this time when oiiq relaxed a bit about their policies on international graduates (or so i think). a lot of people are surprised when they learn that i only had to take the 40 day integration.although for nurses with experience, i know a couple of people who only had to do 6 weeks. anyway, i recommend you inquire at st. mary's asap. call and send your resume, or drop by the HR department. send me a private message if you want ok.
    about taking the 5 month course.. well, it's up to you. if you feel you need it, then go for it. but i recommend that if you find a hospital willing to take you on for the 40 day thing, that would be your best bet.
    good luck!
    you can also try the other bilingual hospitals in montreal. the mcgill network - royal vic, montreal general etc.
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    Thanks for the immediate response Mia..

    Wow, that would be really added pressure especially with the exam fee costing 400+.. And really, the OIIQ are the ones that invite you to take the exam.. Whew.. Good luck then if you'll be sitting for the exam on September..

    Oh, by the way, were you paid during your 40 day integration program? Hehe.. Just wanted to know.. Thanks again..
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    To all of the "English only" people who went through the OIIQ process-

    How did you manage to even figure out that website? The only information that was available in English is that one very unfriendly paragraph saying you need to know French to practice in Quebec, therefore, they limited the amount of info translated in English.

    Is there an agency or something that helps you with the OIIQ process? I'd love to find some since my attorney is only dealing with the immigration part. After reading all of your posts, I'm thinking maybe I should start the OIIQ part now instead of waiting until I have the immigration papers approved...

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