Post Graduate Nursing Program (Critical Care Nursing) for IEN Post Graduate Nursing Program (Critical Care Nursing) for IEN | allnurses

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Post Graduate Nursing Program (Critical Care Nursing) for IEN

  1. 0 Hi I just have a question regarding post graduate studies in Ontario. Are you or can you apply for a post graduate nursing program like critical care nursing program if you're a newly registered nurse in Ontario but an Internationally Educated Nurse? I just had one year experience in the Philippines in Neonatal ICU. I want to do a post graduate study to have a broader job opportunity so I can easily apply for RN job in coronary care, ICU ans emergency unit.

    I am just curious about it, because i am planning to go for post graduate studies right after I pass the CRNE.

    What are the good schools that offer post graduate programs? Do they have pre-requisites for IEN's? If so, what are those?

    Hope someone answers my question. Thanks in advanced!
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    The best source for your answers is the school you're planning to attend. Why don't you Google "postgraduate critical care nursing education in Ontario" and see what you find?