Notarized job offer letter required for 221g Notarized job offer letter required for 221g | allnurses

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Notarized job offer letter required for 221g

  1. 0 Hello everyone, Im new in this forum. I would like to ask you guys out there who had their consular interview already. I was given a white form, 221g, and was asked to send via 2GO, the "US notarized letter of job availability on company letterhead from your employer". My employer is a recruitment agency. So my question is, should the notarized job offer letter be from my agency (because they are the ones who employed me and they are ones whom I have a contract with) or should it be from the client facility where I will be deployed? Hope someone could shed some light on this matter. Thanks in advance!
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    As far as I am aware it should be the company who submitted your application. Check with the lawyer handling the paperwork