NEW RN wants to work at OZ. Need help! Mayday!

  1. Hello, fellow nurses!

    I am Hanee. 21 years of age and a new nursing board exam passer here in PH.
    My sister needs me to stay with her at NSW since her kid is about to enter
    pre-school and she is very busy with her work, as well as her hubby.

    Anybody who knows some detailed info about an Agency here in PH
    who can help me out with my visa for OZ?
    I heard there's Philman but I cannot find their contact info at Google.
    Also, how many mos/years experience is required for me to
    be eligible for the bridging program?

    Because I heard there is a new update that nurses with 0-3mos experience
    can now apply for brigding. Is that true and existing?

    What should be my first move?
    Apply for a Tourist Visa, Student Visa, or Working Visa?

    What I really wanted to do is to apply/enroll to a bridging program at Sydney.. Preferrably at NSW to save up with expenses for Lodging and food. Does anybody in here knows a Univ that accepts new Registered Nurses?

    I really need help here, my fellow nurses.
    Especially from those who are alr in Aussie now.
    A reply will be much appreciated.
    Thank you and God Bless!

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    so that I can monitor for replies. Thank you!