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  1. I passed my NCLEX RN with New Mexico BON but I am right now a TX licensed RN by endorsement. I am about to attend the consular interview for US immigration. I have read somewhere that the consul will ask for an NCLEX pass letter. I dont know where to get one and I am not sure if the New Mexico BON even sent me one after I passed the exam. Can I still request for an NCLEX pass letter from New Mexico BON even though I passed in 2006? And if ever I could not present one during the interview, will a TX RN license do? Although I dont have an actual TX license card as well since I only check my status online at TX BON website.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Do you have visa screen certificate? That should be all that is required because part of that process is confirmation of you passing NCLEX and meeting state requirements
  4. by   adangerousbeauty
    yes i do have renewed visascreen certificate although some say the consul will still be asking for the nclex pass letter...not sure though...