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  1. Hi! I'm a nurse here in UK and will be moving soon (hopefully in October) to University of North Carolina Hospital. I am just wondering if anyone out there will be able to give some advice/idea on best place to get an apartment in and around Chapel Hill. Any other advice/tips regarding UNCH/North Carolina, apart from a place to get an apartment are most welcome.
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  3. by   imperial2002
    We're on the same boat. I hope I can exchange messages with you pertaining this matter.
    Looking forward to sharing informations with you.
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    Hi Pinkpurple,I am so glad to see your thread and keep hoping that there will be helpful input. The replies will also be very beneficial for me. My priority date for EB3 visa processing is current. I sent the required documents to my recruitment agent who's forwarding it to the immigration firm/solicitors. It may still take a long way to be advised for a medical exam. and visa interview, yet, I also look at possibilities that moving to UNCH is forseeable. I surfed on the net about UNCH, Chapel Hill and it's neighbouring areas. I also looked at accommodations, elementary schools around the area & school systems. I feel that moving with a young family has plenty of things to take care of. Although there are websites that cover these issues, however, personal experiences/advice from nurses who underwent the d same process is something to learn from.I hope there is someone out there who can help us with this.
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    Hi,I won't be able to help you with kids schooling 'coz I'll be moving on my own but if there's anything else I can help you with just let me know.
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    I'm so pleased to hear from you.Are you leaving for North Carolina this month? I hope you'll still have the chance to share some tips on moving.By the way, did you take part on last April meeting organised by UNCH in UK?I hope you'll stay in touch.
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    I know there are threads that cover medical examination and visa interview, but, I hope to get tips from you as it's the most current. Are you also obliged to go to NC within 3 months after issued a visa, start to work for them after 3 weeks of arrival in US? I also tried considering their allocated time. Apart from the kids' schooling, I'm also thinking of the house sale. At the same time, it worries me that if I have to go ahead with property sales and others, there might be problems with visa issuance. You see, I had a previous employer withdrawing a job offer. UNCH took over. The whole US plan was a tough ride, yet, I am still keen to pursue. I hope that with help frim others who are heading to the same direction, the process will be smoother. I have read threads that their visa wasn't issued due to incomplete documents on the interview date and problems with med.exam. I hope I can avoid such troubles. Any tips from you will be so helpful. Thanks a lot.
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    pinkpurple, i live 30 minutes to UNCH . If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me. Good Luck!