Is your State BON License listed on Visascreen? E3

  1. Hi

    Hoping that I pass the NCLEX next week I will become licensed in New Mexico. If that is the case will the Visascreen that I order shortly after have NM listed on it?. Or will it list that I have passed NCLEX and can be licensed in general?

    The reason I ask is, say I endorse to CO will this cause an issue if I present the visascreen to an American Consulate with NM listed on the visascreen and not CO when I may have a job offer in CO. I will be travelling the E3 Australian Visa route.

    thanks for any advice in advance
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    changing states once you have visa screen certificate isn't an issue.
  4. by   grantsally1
    Thanks for the quick reply. One less thing to worry about in this long process.