Irish nurse seeking advise on visa to nurse in Alaska

  1. Hi I am currently in Alaska on a visitors visa until the end of April. I love it here and am very interested to pursue a visa to work nurse, hospital in a city or remote nursing. I am psychiatric trained and have forensic experience of more than 3 years. I do not know where to begin but I welcome any advise in what I need to do, searches I could make or how long it may take. I welcome any advise. Many thanks, Ellie
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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    You are currently looking at over 12 months really so look at going home whilst sorting things out. First you have to meet state requirements so hopefully your nurse transcripts show clinical and theory hours in Paeds, Mental Health, Obstetrics and Adult. Then you have to find employer willing to go either H1b or immigrant route.

    H1b requires minimum of BSN or 12 years experience and ideally should be a specialised job. Employer can not apply until April with Oct start unless they are not affected by the cap, then can be filed immediately but you still have to wait for it the be accepted and GC issued. Immigrant visa takes years depending on where you was born. Employers tend not to have anything to do with you until you have met state requirements and passed NCLEX

    If you are an Irish citizen you do have the option of Green card lottery