1. 0 I am about to enter my first year of nursing in January at Griffith University in Australia.
    I will be studying the Bachelor of Nursing
    It is my dream to study in the USA but due to lack of money I won't be able to.
    I do plan on moving there upon graduation though, either to study for my masters or to work as an RN.
    I was wondering how long the immigration process takes for an RN and what it is like?
    Would i be better off studying my masters in the USA and taking advantage of the OPT program that allows employment up to a year after in the area you studied and trying to get a job from there or would i be better off applying for RN jobs right after graduation to try and get in?
    If i were to study my masters in the USA, what are the most needed or fastest growing APN areas? I was considering nursing-midwifery.
    Thank you!
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    Are you an Australian citizen? If you are then E3 is an option but expect experience an asset

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