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Help needed to find a nursing cosultant

  1. 0 Hi , I did my BS nursing (4 years) in India . I have 3 years of experience as a staff nurse in India.

    I am in USA now with H4 visa . I need to find a job in USA( MA ) . I don't know how to approach it ... Kindly guide me thru

    I would be pleased if someone can provide me the consulting contact info for nursing in and around Boston,MA
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    Do you already have a US nursing license? H4 visa does not permit one to work. Is your 3 years experience in a demand specialized area such as OR, critical care, emergency department, PICU, NICU, etc?

    Aside from the fact that there is a high unemployment rate around the US (including new/inexperienced and experienced nurses coupled with many facilities not hiring new staff), there are very few facilities willing to go though the time and cost of recruiting and hiring a non-US PR/citizen internationally educated nurse.

    Have you begun the process with the MA BoN (Massachusetts Board of Nursing) for obtaining an RN license by examination?