Happy, aussie cna needing questions answered as to work in the usa

  1. 0 I am a CNA and have been working as one for the past year. I have recently been researching work as a CNA in the states, but am a little confused with a few things.

    My questions are:

    1. Is your state certification only valid in the state you are working in, and how do I obtain it?

    2. Are there any nursing agencies which will sponsor my green card?

    3. If not ^, does anyone think I will be hired before my visa interview based on the pretense that my visa will be approved? ( I have had a holiday/working visa before and it can be difficult to obtain a green card without work being organised prior)

    4. Will my current australian nursing assistant certificate match the qualifications of an american CNA? Will there be any other tests/exams that I will need to take?

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    I'm a 20 year old, fun, happy, go lucky Australian CNA wanting a different experience and thinking that working in America is the way to go. Really hoping this all works out!

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    CNA certificates in the US are only valid in the state of issue. However, CNA is not a valid occupation for sponsorship/immigration. Generally a BS degree is the minimum requirement. Plus due to retrogression the wait to obtain a green card is 6 or more years, if one is qualified. The unemployment level is high in the US and CNA is not a high demand occupation so it would be extremely difficult to secure sponsorship for basically an unskilled job.

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