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hi so after a long long wait i passed my nclex and finally have a license in ny, i live in ct and the main reason i took ny is because they don't require cgfns exam but only cvs and it did really... Read More

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    Hi jeanifer67! Ive been meaning to save up money to make international calls for BON in CT and when I saw ur frm CT, I was just wondering, maybe you could help me on my query. I am doing my own research under BON in CT and like you, i am a foreign trained nurse. I also carry a SSN. I have read that foreign- trained nurses need to obtain a VERIFICATION OF COMPLETION of International Certification Program. It also states there that CGFNS exam is one of the steps. To my knowledge, this exam is usually instructed for those who needs a Visa for work. Since I do have a SSN, do I still need to take the CGFNS exam for my CT application to be approved? I just wanna make sure that Im understanding the BON CT website accordingly Thanks for your time and any info would help Sincerely, Issa

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    It isn't based on whether a visa is required but that you trained outside the US
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    Thanks Silverdragon 102!
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    Hi, if anyone can help I have a question. I don't see the "forwarding professional education information" in the CGFNS website. How do I get them to forward it? Should I just call them?

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