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  1. Hello everyone.

    I am new to Melbourne, but I am hoping to apply for Permanent Residency status in the near future, and I want to plan out my career.

    Can anyone give me advice please?
    **Specifically about how to find Employers who might be willing to sponsor Work Visas, and applying/QUALIFYING for the Skilled Migrant Worker Visa.

    I am taking up Bachelor of Nursing Program at a University here, condensed one-year version because I'm already a nurse in the Philippines, but with limited work experience of 6 months. [My other work experience is 2 years of managing our family business and is unrelated to Nursing.]

    I do not have a Masteral Degree, or any kind of specialized training yet.

    Right now I am enrolled in PCA training for Certificate III in Aged Care in the hopes of finding part-time work while at Uni, and possibly gaining Australian work experience that might amp up my resume. I'm also considering specializing in Geriatrics, maybe extending schooling with a Masteral Degree on this field.

    Any veteran nurses out there who can help me out?
    I would be forever grateful.
    Please reply.. Thank you.
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  3. by   ceridwyn
    Why are you doing aged care certificates, you have been sucked in my friend, you can work as a personal carer already without a certificate as you are already a nurse from another country, what a waste of time and money and it does not lead to pr or any right to work visa.

    I know what your plans are? Make your study to two years and then apply for a graduate visa, trouble is the study needs to be 2 years at bachelor level not one year plus some aged care certificate, you would have been better of doing an graduate BN and have the 2 years that way.

    It called a ''masters degree'' and not many universities will take you on if you have not had experience or if a clinical cannot if are not working in the specialty.

    Having work as a PC does not add to work experience as a Registered nurse nor work experience for the PR.

    I there anyone else reading this forum that has any advice?
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  4. by   cb barkers
    Hi, Ceridwyn. Thanks for replying and for the correction.

    I'm looking for part time health-related work to help support myself through BN. And I'm interested in a "Masters Degree" on Geriatrics. So I thought the PCA experience would be valuable and practical...

    I was jobhunting online, and all the PCA ads were asking for a Cert III. Besides, Aged Care here is different from the hospital experience I've had at home.

    What if I take another one year course at Uni, or other general interest subjects, after my BN? Can I qualify for 'post-study work rights' if I did that?

    The other option would be to ask the school if it's still possible to extend my BN to 2 years, and just retake several subjects.
  5. by   Sahaya
    Hi Cb. Did you go for a 2-year nursing course? I did as what Ceridwyn described. I finished my 2-year nursing course and applied for a graduate Visa. I also gained 15 points due to my 2-year full time study here, thus, I was able to obtain the necessary points for PR. Like you, I came here with not really knowing the next best thing to do...good luck in your future applications
  6. by   Lorodz
    I envy you OP! Obviously you have tons of money to support your education here. As an international student in Australia, it can be very expensive. Anyway, may I know why your doing this?
    if you're already a nurse in the philippines, then why not do the IRON program (initial registration for overseas nurses)? It's just a short 3month course and when you finish that your already a registered Aussie nurse.

    All those cert and PCa stuff your doing is nothing and is just a waste of time (if your end goal is to be a nurse) and $$$

    You need a sponsor? Be a nurse first. Get the 7 in all bands in ielts, do the bridging course and pray.

    From experience, hospitals are willing to sponsor you if you have an aus registration and paid experience.

    i work in Nsw's biggest private hospital and I have seen new grads every now and then. Their story is: it's so difficult to secure a new grad position, even a full time position. I was sponsored by my hospital (2 years ago) and they haven't sponsored anyone yet! They just hired 4 new grads as casual!
    My friends who have applied in government hospitals are finding it a hard time to secure positions. (Note these friends are australian citizens with years of experience under their belts)

    im not discouraging you I'm just giving you the status quo here. All the best
  7. by   cb barkers
    Hello Sahaya, and thank you for replying. Originally, BN at my Uni is a 3-year course, but they gave me a one-year program because of accredited units. I thought this option was a better alternative than the 2-year course (less expensive), but I am not sure how things will pan out in the long run.

    I am thinking of taking another course later, to extend my stay here to 2 years. Granted I get a job or multiple jobs to help support my education.. Would that strategy get me an extra 15 points as well?
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  8. by   cb barkers
    Lorodz, thanks for the heads-up! I have been hearing the same thing.. Times are getting harder. I hope I'm lucky, though.

    I only have 6 months of work experience overseas, so my agency didn't recommend the IRON bridging program because chances of me finding an employer seem low. They told me that if I took the one year Uni program, at least I would be exposed to more hospitals at placement and have more time looking for an employer to sponsor me. Also, doing placements in Australian hospitals would count as added experience.

    Can you give me advice about what to do next, to advance my career here? Any tips to boost my resume?... Volunteer work maybe?