Can the employer can file H1B and green card at the same time?

  1. Hi,
    I am working as a Community Health Nurse Supervisor in AZ state. I talked with my employer yesterday and they said they can file H1b first and within a month Green card for me. I am currently in OPT will expire my OPT in January, if incase my H1B denied can I still work until my green card decision been made?
    Also is it OK to file H1b and green card at the same time? I do not have VSC yet will that affects my H1b or green card?
    Are there any good Lawyer anyone one knows that can help me through this process? My employer has no lawyer that can work for nurses so i am thinking to have my own lawyer please give me some idea where to go?

    Thankyou for the help in advance.

    boracay beach.
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    Back when I started (1990's), we filed for both H1A extension and Green Card. I'm not sure how it is now. I would definitely get a lawyer. Your employer may not know the process as well.

    What category of EB visa are you applying for?
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Yes your employer can file for H1b and green card. If you do not get H1b and your OPT is expired no you cannot carry on working until green card is issued although a lot will depend on which category your employer applies for re green card and that you meet said requirements and doing the job. Get VSC sorted as it is usually required same time as application. We as per Terms of Service of the site can not recommend lawyers
  5. by   boracay beach
    I did my masters degree in Gerontology so it would go under EB2 catagory. The job requirement is BSN or higher too. I need a lawyer who could help me with the process and wondering if any of you know good lawyers ?