Application/Renewal: New rules for license thru the State of VT

  1. asked directly from the state of vt's bon and here are their answers:

    [color=#454545][font=corbel]effective may 15, 2012, a united states social security number is required for all applicants to apply by exam or endorsement[font=corbel].
    [color=#454545][font=corbel]for all international applications to be accepted without a social security number, the vermont application and fee must be received by the state of vermont board of nursing office before may 15, 2012.[font=corbel]
    [color=#454545][font=corbel]application to cgfns or ierf for a vermont specific ces report is not an application to the vermont board of nursing.
    [color=#454545][font=corbel]all applications received after may 15, 2012 without a united states social security number will not be accepted and will be returned to the applicant. there are no exceptions.

    for renewals (for those who have the same case as mine - validity dates: march 16, 2012 until march 31, 2013)

    yes, you can renew in 2013 without a valid united states social security number, but you must have a valid united states social security number as of march 31, 2015.

    -- just sharing valuable information to my fellow nurses. hope this helps!
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