Am I too old for Aus?

  1. Hello everyone. I am just starting out researching a possible move to Australia and need to know if my age will preclude me for immigration purposes. I am 57 years old (or 57 years young, as I prefer to think of myself)

    A little about me......
    I have been an RN for 18 years and was an EN for 15 years before then. I am a UK citizen and did my training there and practised there until 6 years ago when I immigrated to the USA. I have been working full-time in the USA as an RN since I moved here, and I have a wealth of experience.
    I want to go to Australia as my son and his family live in Brisbane and they suggested I consider joining them, not least so I can enjoy seeing my grandchildren grow and be involved in their lives. The more I have thought about it, the more I think it's the right thing for me to do. I have no family here in the USA.
    Despite my age, I am very fit and healthy and I have a lot of years of work left in me yet! It would be disappointing if I would be deemed too old. I can certainly keep up with my coworkers who are half my age.....and then some!

    So, if anyone can give me a definitive answer to my question I'd be most grateful.

    I'm aware of the new skills test change coming up in July, and I know about AHPRA and ANMC, but I suspect the lack of points for being under 50 years old will leave me out in the cold.....unless anyone knows any different? Are there any exceptions if an employer sponsors a nurse due to having skills they require? I am visiting my son for a month in December and thinking would it be worth it to approach potential employers in person whilst I am there?

    Thank you.

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    Have you checked out the Australian government immigration website. I know there was a cut off age of 45

    Workers - Visas & Immigration
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    Thank you silverdragon. I see from the Australian immigration website there is no age limit for the subclass 457 visa. So I guess my question would be more about how easy / difficult it would be to get a job at my age?