Is it Advisable to Take NCLEX exam in philippines or in US? - page 2

Hi! can you give me some advise regarding my NCLEX exam...i already have a US visa but i'm confused which is better to have a NCLEX exam, here in philippines or in US?...I'm planning also to take my nclex review here in... Read More

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    I think you will find it hard to get a tourist visa for the US. You will probably have to show deep ties to returning after your holiday/vacation

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    There is no point going to the US on a tourist visa just to sit the exam. If you can take it where you are, do it. Same exam. Costs $200 more to sit overseas, but cheaper than flying to the US. If you have a USC husband and have applied for immigrant visa, there is not much chance they will let you in on a tourist visa as they may not believe you plan to leave after you take the exam.
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    Quote from Satinne26
    What if I don't have any visa yet... Will it be easy for me to get a tourist visa in US just to take the NCLEX? please help..
    I think it would be difficult for you to get a tourist visa based on that reason since the test is already offered in the Philippines. I have heard people say it's easier in the Philippines than in the US. My decision in taking it in the Philippines versus the US was that I would be more comfortable and relaxed taking it here. You might get anxious in an unfamiliar place, taking such an important test. All locations have the same test bank where the questions are obtained from so it's really just a matter of chance wherever you do decide to take it.
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    The exam is a national exam therefore people saying it is easier in one place to another have it wrong. It all goes on how you answer the questions
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    it doesn't matter where you take it. but if you want to take it here in the us, you need your visa sorted out.

    i'm a filipino citizen and i took my nclex in ca but i live in louisiana. it was easier for me to do so because i don't have to take cgfns. but then in applying for my endorsement in louisiana, i need a credentials evaluations services for my transcripts, philippine license and form 137 from my highschool, and ces is under cgfns. so from what i heard, it'll take me about 7 to 8 months to wait again. i did wait for 9 months for my eligibility and authorization to test from ca brn because they needed my papers and no one would process them in the philippines and it's a slow process there too..
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    I'm a US citizen and is it possible to take the NCLEX in the Philippines? One of the requirements to take the exam in NV, WA, TX, etc is CGFNS and the TOEFL. If I pass the NCLEX in the Philippines will I still need to take the CGFNS and TOEFL?
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    You need to meet state requirements before they will give you permission to sit nclex
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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    You need to meet state requirements before they will give you permission to sit nclex
    Thank you! I'm currently applying for Nevada. Do you think it would be possible to apply in person? I've been calling them all day but it seems that their office is closed.

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