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  1. 0 Anyone practicing questions from Zerwekh CD? I need to know how is it compared to APEA (Hollier's questions) or Fitzgerald questions? Is Zerwekh's question equivalent, harder, or easier than those two that I mentioned?

    I am practicing from Zerwekh CD for AANP and my boards is coming fast. I wonder if I need to do APEA Q&A bank too? I have heard APEA questions are actually harder than boards but I don't have her book.

    Please let me know if it is compares to APEA questions?
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    The APEA questions are suffiicent. When you get to the exam you will see that none of the study questions are quite like the exam. Its not really that bad Reeya. Don't over study. Just use the resources you have. I am so glad I did not pay for anything else. I was going too...the quicker the date approached the more I wanted to buy a ton of stuff. You will do Just fine
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    Have you taken your boards yet? I will be taking the AANP at the end of August! I have been using the Zerwekh questions book. I think they are harder than the Hollier book. I had a friend take he AANP about 2 years ago and she said she had several questions straight out of the Zerwekh book! If you have taken your boards please let me know what you think worked best!

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