Wssu fnp program fall 2013

  1. Anyone attending WSSU fall FNP program? or is there anyone that can shed some light please, I'm currently in FL I'm trying to gather as much info as I can before moving.
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  3. by   kathy0421
    Hi ,

    Are you starting this fall ? I got my acceptance letter two weeks ago and turned in my immunization shots and last week . Still waiting not hear from them . I finished my bsn there . Let me know how can I help you.
  4. by   rnmichele
    yes this fall, I had sent my immunization with my application, I sent back the intent to enroll letter so i'm waiting to hear about orientation. Are you currently living in NC? I'm in FL so i'm looking for job and apartment. but I'm excited.
  5. by   kathy0421
    I am not sure when they will be doing the orientation either . The health system where I work is hiring . I went to the float pool last month and it pays great . I live in NC but it takes 45 minutes , one way, to get to WSSU . I m looking forward to meeting you . I m sure you can get a job here .
  6. by   rnmichele
    Wssu fnp fall 2013 roll call
  7. by   fivefeet05NP2B
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    Wssu fnp fall 2013 roll call
    Hey! I'll be attending in the fall! woop woop! I actually went here for undergrad also.
  8. by   fivefeet05NP2B
    I will be attending this fall but have yet to hear of when orientation is.
  9. by   traumaRUs
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  10. by   rnmichele
    fivefeet05RN how are you? do you know anyone that went through the grad program, i'm applying for job not sure if i should do full or part time
  11. by   fivefeet05NP2B
    Naw, I don't know anyone who has gone through the program yet. I'm also a little curious as to the work-school flexibility of classes. I'm currently trying to ask around.
  12. by   kathy0421
    One of the np I work with graduated from WSSU . She said it's a good program , but make sure keep everything (copies of documents) that they asked for since they seem to be not organized (registrar) . I could say that too since I took my bsn there .
  13. by   dknight77
    Hello everyone! I will be joining you in class this fall.
  14. by   rnmichele
    Hi, Yay!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited, orientation is July 23rd did you guys get the email.