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  1. Hello nurses, I'm new to this site so apologies if this has already been discussed. I'm currently graduating the RN-BSN program and beginning to apply into NP programs. I've been a nurse for 2 years, all in Labor and Delivery. My original plan was to apply into the FNP program, but I've been told that, due to my lack of nursing experience in areas other than OB, I may have a hard time getting in. (My GPA is 3.6). When I've inquired into the WHNP program, I've been told that my experience is great and I should have no troubles. I love women's health, but I am nervous about limiting myself right off the bat. I would be thrilled to do women's health if I knew that I would not have a problem finding a job ...
    Another question - can a graduate of a WHNP program go back and do a post-master's certificate in FNP?
    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   linzlace
    Hey girl! I understand your thoughts exactly. I was an L&D nurse for five years and was ready to go back to get my NP, was thinking about WH but so many told me not to limit myself. So I went ahead and applied to an FNP program last year and was denied. I was a little surprised but not really. So I then decided to try and transfer to the ICU to broaden my experience and be more competitive when applying to NP school. In June of last year, I transferred to the ICU, after five years in L&D. Talk about culture shock!! But honestly, I have learned SO much and am a much stronger nurse overall! I am very happy that I made that decision b/c although I love L&D, it's great to get to experience another part of nursing! Nursing is such a huge field with so many opportunities! I also reapplied to two FNP programs this year and am still waiting to hear back! fingers crossed!

    Soooo my recommendation is to think long and hard about it! If you can see yourself just doing women's health...then go for it! But if you are thinking the FNP route either now or in the future, after getting your WHNP, they are still going to want to see you have experience in an area other than L&D. These have been my thoughts for the last couple of years! I hope this helps!
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    Hi Beth,

    I am in the complete opposite situation! No worries I have been a RN for 8 years with ONLY ER experience. I applied to USA for BSN-DNP in Women's Health last year and was accepted. I too had reservations about doing something out of my usual scope of practice, but ended up going for it because I wanted to really specialize in an area. Either way, I think you are fine. Choose what you love to do...because it will be what you do for the rest of your life. Either way, certificates in FNP or WHNP can be earned. I hope this helps!