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Why do i feel so....

  1. 0 Blah!!!. im really trying not to use antbiotics for symptoms that seem to be viral in nature or even allergy related, but at the end of my speech..the patient says "well why do I feel so blah"...and my response "When did colds feel good".....I think it so hard to get thru to patients esp because my CP seems to had them out like their tic tacs. Finally, on my DC papers i just put....even with antibiotics your symptoms may take up to a week to resolve.
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    I work with immunocompromised renal pts so I dole out vanco, gent, Tobra like its water. However, I always point out prior to giving oral antibiotics that super bugs are a reality, so frequent use of antibiotics isn't a good practice. I advise my pts who I think have more of a viral picture that frequent handwashing, use of Tylenol and/ibuprofen for achiness, Claritin, robitussin for other symptoms are usually my first line of defense.

    Here's a link to the Mayo Clinic letter Antibiotics: Misuse puts you and others at risk - MayoClinic.com

    Here's another link about antibiotic resistance in children What Every Parent Should Know About Antibiotics and Superbugs