WHNP: Interested in women health but have been reading FNP better?

  1. Hi I'm an RN been working for 3 years and I am looking at applying at the university of Cincinnati for their WHNP. I have always been extremely I interested I'm women health so this seems like the right path for me, however , I've been reading that it's best to follow the FNP route and my question is : if a FNP and WHNP with same experience apply at an OB/GYN clinic who is likely to be hired? I live in south Texas by the way 
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  3. by   iluvnicu
    I am wondering the same thing. I have been an RN for 5.5 yrs, working in a level III NICU. I'm hopefully going back to school fall 2014, but I've heard the same about WHNP and FNP. I have absolutely no desire to do FNP, I am really just interested in Women's Health. But I have heard from so many that it is best to go FNP route. I'm stuck, can't decide which way to go. I'm in Central Texas.
  4. by   Princess_WannaBe
    Like you I'm a NICU nurse in Texas and love women's health. After much thought I decided to go ahead and apply to a WHNP program. I just have no interest past neonates for kids and don't care about general problems for adults. I've noticed there are jobs out there but not advertised openly like fnp. If I can't truly find a job I will go back for a post masters certificate in fnp
  5. by   iluvnicu
    That is most likely what I will do as well. Which WHNP program are you applying to? I haven't found many online programs. I'm looking to start Fall 2014, will have a 2yr old and 6month old at that time, so really don't want to do anything where I would have to travel outside of Texas.
  6. by   Princess_WannaBe
    I'm start TWU in the spring. Def don't give up I'm your dream. There area few online WHNP programs
  7. by   iluvnicu
    Is TWU online? On their website it says WHNP program is offered at their Dallas center. I emailed an advisor last week but haven't heard back from her. I've also looked into Cincinnati, love that they do not require visits to campus! Good luck @Princess_WannaBe
  8. by   Princess_WannaBe
    Thanks!! I know some of the classes are online but I'm not sure if all are. Orientation is next week so I will find out more info.
  9. by   Princess_WannaBe
    I'm pretty sure all the clinicals will be somewhere in the DFW area. Def keep searching for programs. Hope you find one that fits for you
  10. by   LoneStar1908
    Texas Tech offers has a midwifey program that is web based. It's a great school with lots of support.
  11. by   Simplyroses
    FNP clinicals have very little focus on Women's Health. Maybe one term. Study what you love and make it work. The WHNP programs focus on your area of interest, and all your clinicals are in that area as well. There is something to be said for studying what you are interested in with professors and mentors who know what they are talking about.