Which Masters degree program? CNL?

  1. Hello, I have read several threads re the CNL programs and I am still unsure if this is the right role for me..any advice would be appreciated. I am looking at several masters programs, both nursing and non nursing. I love patient rehabilitation and education. I love working one on one with patients educating and counseling them and empowering them to improve their own lives. I do not wish to teach other nurses, I do not wish to manage/supervise other nurses. I do not wish to be an NP. I know that the CNS programs are few and far between. Masters in public health seems too general....? Masters in community health nursing? Masters as CNL? Masters in Education? Masters in OT? Masters in counseling?Any thoughts???
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  3. by   SHGR
    Have you looked at the AACN white paper on CNL role and the differences between CNL and CNS?
    American Association of Colleges of Nursing | CNL White Paper
    The CNL is essentially an advanced generalist nurse. It is not a supervisory role per se, but the CNL is intended to be a resource for and role model for other nurses. I think the concept is great. It is not an advanced practice role. Ultimately I chose a different program because I would like to get prescriptive authority, which is not an aspect of the CNL.
    Also look at the job market. The VA is committed to hiring CNLs but other places are not so quick to get on board. This may change.
    As far as the non-nursing programs, you've listed a lot of different stuff. Sounds like you have broad interests. Unfortunately grad school is not like undergrad...where you can take electives and try different classes. If you like counseling, you could try psych nursing, MSW, or become an LPC after getting an MSN ...otherwise public health is general, as is the CNL, as I mentioned above.
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    Thank you!
  5. by   Rrrrn
    I am starting a CNL program at the end of this month. I am terrified by the cost of graduate education but what else is a new grad to do in this job market. I am unable to move because my husbands job is here and so is my family, which has been my go to sitter for my Awesome 2.5yr old daughter. I have always planned to further my education in nursing but it seems like everyone is going to have a BSN, so in effort to stand out a little more, MSN?? Really though, I just want to be a "solid ACE" bedside nurse, which is why the CNL role appeals to me. CNL, being an advanced generalist nurse, hybridized with the skill of care planning, provides a higher level of expertise/knowledge that in the past has come by years of experience at the bedside. For now, those days are gone, which on the bright side means a better educated work force. Nurses have to get higher degrees just to enter acute care. It's tough to decide which masters focus you want to spend your money on, believe me I was tearing my hair out over it also, and still have concerns. The CNL, in the end, is a masters prepared nurse