Which is the best review course for FNP certification

  1. Hi I am a FNP student I want to know who has the best review course for FNP. Are the CD's just as good as the review course? who has the best review for my (money) ?
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  3. by   Mzcind
    I guess I over-prepared. I bought most of what was available and started preparing the last semester of my MSN. Two MUST-HAVES: Hollier and Fitzgerald CDs! Two different approaches, but both were represented on the exam. I also attended Hollier's review the weekend before my certification exam mainly to boost my confidence and identify areas of weakness. I also purchased a couple of books of certification practice questions. I think this was the biggest help of all. It trains your brain to think in a certain way when you see the questions on the cert. exam. If I had not taken SO MANY practice exams prior to the real one, I would have freaked out!! The exam was hard and I was sure I had failed....but alas, I passed!

    Oh yea, one more added bonus of preparing so much for certification: I felt better transitioning into my first Internal Medicine position.

    (Any suggestions out there about how to sell my review books and CDs now, I am not having any luck on Craigslist? Has anyone used AMAZON to sell books?)
  4. by   Boonce1
    I would be interested in purchasing you items please message me the price and details on your product. If they are in my price range then I wouldnt mind purchasing them. I am a student and all about saving money. Thanks for your input I will check out hoillers. I already have a fitzgerald review book but I am looking for the cd's I hear they are great for review.
  5. by   Mzcind
    Ok, I would message you regarding Books, CDs, but not sure how to message you??
  6. by   Boonce1
    I just sent you a message you have to click on the little writting pad near my posting to send a message to some one. I just sent you a message so you should be able to open it up and view it. I just want to know the cost and how I can contact you.
  7. by   Mzcind
    looks like I am not able to send messages at this time....hmmmmm
  8. by   Boonce1
    Thats ok I think I found a used one on amazon .com it is a little pricey thogh theses CD cost hundreds of dollars. I am asuming you get more then one cd right and does it come with a book to cost so much? Are the CD's really worth all that money or should I try to save for the live review.
  9. by   sevans727
    Hi Mczind, I would also be interested in the prices you are selling your materials for, and what you still actually have. I'm not able to send personal messages either, but you could email me at sevans727@gmail.com! Congratulations on all your hard work!
  10. by   CRF250Xpert
    Of course everyone has a different style. I wanted to spend the least and obtain the most. I basically memorized the Fitzgerald's book. No CDs, no course, no audio. Just take good notes, make 1000 flash cards and constantly quiz yourself. No course, CD or audio file is going to lessen the effort you have to put into prep.