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Walden FNP Students

  1. 0 Hello Everyone,

    I have enrolled in Waldens FNP program and have a June 2nd start date of this year. I have read all the posts regarding Walden University and it really is the program best suited for me.

    I wanted to hear from current students, that I know will be graduating in February of this year. I was looking for advice, how you like the program, ease of taking online classes, support from technical staff etc. Any input you could give me would be appreciated. I haven't seen recent posts from Walden students that are actually in the program. Just mostly people putting it down. Thanks so much in advance
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    I am in Walden's FNP program. I will finish in May. Its good, very similar to my local program I was in, but walden requires slightly more work...especially when you get into the clinical portion. Don't listen to the people who say bad things about Walden...they haven't been there and have no idea. ALL programs accredited by the CCNE are all pretty much set up the same and require the same..they have to! Good luck, I think you will learn that you have more reading than you can possibly do, more writing than you ever wanted to do, and you will question whether you are prepared for boards...and the truth is..most schools don't prepare us for boards...we have to review and prepare ourselves. It is an online program...lots of self teaching and you have to be disciplined.
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    Thanks so much for taking your time to respond. It's so nice to hear from someone who is actually doing the program. I am ready to put in the work. I finished my BSN half online and half classroom so the entirely online format will be totally new to me. Very excited and nervous to get started. Thanks again and best wishes!!!!
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    Hi JBCRN1,

    Are you starting this June 2014 or was last year?I got accepted and to start June 2014 too.
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    Hi Hgrindle,

    I also got accepted at Walden's to start in June 2014. How to they break down the core and specialized courses? Is it 2 subjects at a time for 12 weeks? How about your practicum?Thanks.
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    If you already have your BSN it is 2 classes every 12 weeks, off a week and back at it. Clinicals are one class at a time unless you petition to take two. If you do that you have to explain in the petition how you plan on being able to do 2 at a time, such as cutting back/quitting your job. If you don't have your BSN, those classes are 6 weeks ( I think). Practicum is pretty difficult with the hours required and the class work that is also required. I finish in May and can't wait. I have only been a Walden for 4 quarters (transferred from a local brick and mortar so that I could finish sooner) and have not regretted it. Don't pay any attention to the negativity about the program...some of those with such strong opinions are not in ANY NP program! Good Luck!
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    Hi hgringle,
    I am in walden fnp program and at the point of giving up due to not finding practicum sites, I live in NY but cant do the practicum here, I can do it either in CT, NJ or PA but I am tired of calling around and not getting any where, clan you give me some prsonal advise. this program work well for me due to my buisy work schedule but I am getting so stressed out about practicum. Please help me my email is yvonneallenmorgan@yahoo.com
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    Yes it will be this june 2014 that I will start. Very excited but nervous. I am not really sure how its broken down yet. I am working with an advisor to figure things out. I am lucky to have lots of clinics in my area and several NP friends to help precept me.
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    Quote from hgrindle
    ALL programs accredited by the CCNE are all pretty much set up the same and require the same..they have to!

    ..you will question whether you are prepared for boards...and the truth is..most schools don't prepare us for boards...we have to review and prepare ourselves.
    I feel compelled to respond to two parts of this statement.

    First off, all programs are not the same just because they are accredited. This really isn't true
    in anything but the most basic way. That's not a slight on Walden it's just a fact.

    Second off, the boards are designed as minimum competency exams for entry to practice. Every student should be able to pass them the day of graduation without much concern. Many students do take comprehensive review courses prior to the boards but it should not be necessary for most.
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    This is so true. I am enrolled in Walden's FNP program and will be starting clinical this summer. Despite the program being CCNE accredited, some states do not recognize it, so you cant sit for the boards in that particular state. This has happened to me. I live in CT but was planning on moving back to NYC once I graduate. I just found out that Walden is still in the approval phase with NY State.......so it's a waiting game. I'm hoping it will all work out soon. Walden can't advise me only to say that they are in the approval process right now.