Vanderbilt Pre-Specialty (for non-RNs) MSN 2013 - page 6

Hi All, There doesn't seem to be a thread yet for pre-specialty Vandy applicants (the thread going now seems to consist mostly of grad entry), so I thought I'd start one! Any other pre-specialty folks out there? I am from... Read More

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    That's exciting!! Now I'm kind of nervous I'm hoping to work with children who are going through the grief process. I know that's very specific but it's what I'm most interested in.

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    Hi, hewoods! It's nice to hear from another ACNP applicant. Did you apply to other schools or just Vandy? I'm definitely getting nervous too, but I can't wait for March!

    And congrats on the interview, jb! I'm sure the rest of you will be scheduling interviews soon. I wish you all the best of luck!
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    It's great to hear that we all get interviews either way! I'm hoping to do mine in person, I live in MA but I want an excuse to take a trip down I wonder if they'll give enough notice to do that.

    As for the future... I would really like to work on an acute ward for first episode patients with serious mental illness. I've done a lot of research on schizophrenia and bipolar, so now I'd like to actually do something more than just ask questions for a change!! I'd like to continue with research but in a more meaningful way that can actually be applied to my improving my practice when the study is done. Eventually I want to go on for my PhD and do some teaching.
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    Hi Guys,

    I applied to the pre-specialty program as well (Psychiatric-Mental Health). I just received an email for an interview today! I live in Boston, so it will be a phone interview. Just wondering if anyone else got this email or have done the phone interview with them?
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    Oh wow! should have read the posts from the page before. Looks like we ALL get an interview. Good luck everyone!
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    worth11- Yes, vandy is the only place that I applied. I wasn't really aware of all the others! It was kind of a last minute decision. I am hoping for good news though! Good Luck!

    Everyone else, good luck with your interviews! I'm not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing that they dont interview for ACNP!

    For the future...I want to work in orthopedics. I am an Athletic Trainer so I have been around ortho for awhile now and I love it! My heart mostly lies in geriatrics, so I am hoping that is where I'll end up someday!
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    Blaramee, congrats on getting the interview so soon! The less waiting the better. And I live in Boston as well! Are you (or anyone else for that matter!) also applying to programs in the city? I'm also applying to BC, MGHIHP, and Northeastern. Sorry if you discussed this earlier in the thread, I'm a late comer!
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    I also received my interview email today! Good luck everyone.
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    Did anyone else have their interview? Mine was today, hoping it went well!
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    How'd it go? Mine was last Friday so I know the relief you're probably feeling now that its over. Well, relief as far as the interview goes...The waiting for the decision is much worse.

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