Vanderbilt Pre-Specialty (for non-RNs) MSN 2013 - page 3

Hi All, There doesn't seem to be a thread yet for pre-specialty Vandy applicants (the thread going now seems to consist mostly of grad entry), so I thought I'd start one! Any other pre-specialty folks out there? I am from... Read More

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    who was the email from?

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    From the Administrative Assistant.
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    Omigosh good luck!! Can I ask when your app was complete? You are the first I've heard to interview, so not sure if others can expect to hear something soon? Wow, I didn't think interviews would start until the end of the month!
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    I also applied to the PMHNP track. I haven't heard anything yet about an interview and I submitted my application by the December 1 deadline. I thought we were supposed to hear in March?
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    Thanks for the good luck. I literally submitted my application on November 30 at like 9:00 PM. I don't know if its a good or bad sign that I have an interview and no one else seems to...
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    It's a good sign, you have an interview! Good luck
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    Thank you. The time slot list they sent me only had around 5-6 interview slots available, so maybe they do it alphabetically or something. Just a few per day. I'm sure you'll hear from them soon.
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    Let's hope so =) Let us know how your interview goes! If they happen to mention the time frame for interviews for PMHNP...
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    Just finished my phone interview. they just asked a few questions and talked about the program. I feel it went pretty good, but I guess I'll find out when they send out acceptance letters. They told me that they were finishing up interviews and that acceptance letters should go out the first of March. Good luck to everyone!
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    So if we don't get an interview soon we should assume we're not getting in?

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