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Hello! I have seen forums for the previous years' application cycles, but not for the class starting fall 2012. Sooo... how's it going for everyone? I take the GRE on Friday (gah!) so of course I'm trying to avoid studying for... Read More

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    I applied for the Emergency NP program. I am anxious to find out but they said my application went to review on 2/28 but r/t spring break I will probably not hear back until the review board meets on 3/21/12. Is anyone else applying for the Emergency NP program? I am very nervous about paying for this. I am hoping to at least get loan repayment when I am done if I am not able to get scholarships etc. First, I just have to get in!!

    I am already an RN with my BSN. My GRE scores were not the best but adequate and I have a good GPA. I am very anxious to find out! Should I even bother looking for anything in the mail before the 21st?

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    congrats everyone! hbcrd10, if u dont mind, when did u submit ur app? and did u receive a confirmation email that it went to review? i applied for pre-specialty womens health early feb but haven't received an email that its being reviewed or anything like that. i called the ytday and they said they were still reviewing apps from back in dec.
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    I got my letter 3.5 weeks after my application went for review. They told me not to expect anything until mid-March. So I would no necessarily take their word for it and keep on the lookout.
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    Congrats to everyone who has been accepted!
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    Hi 2nurse1! I submitted my app on the deadline (Dec. 1) as I decided late in the game to apply! Don't give up-I kept checking the mailbox compulsively as many people received notification before I did. I was originally told that I would not be notified until mid-March, so keep your chin up!
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    @2Nurse1: I applied by the priority deadline for pre-specialty WHNP, I heard back over 1 week ago. That may have been because I already live in Nashville. Also, they had my mailing address incorrect. If I was you, I would call to check on the status & make sure they have your correct contact info. Good luck!!!!
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    thanks everyone for the support and info! i'll keep a lookout but it does seem like they're still reviewing apps from last year :/ jw is the letter regular sized envelope? i had a dream last night that i got in and the envelope was ridiculously fancy with ribbons and all that. thanks again!
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    @2nurse1: It did come in a regular sized envelope...not a large manila envelope or anything. A fancy envelope with ribbons would have been amazing though!!
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    I got waitlisted for the ACNP pre-specialty program. Anyone else? I tried to get information out of the nice lady who answered the phone, but it was useless. Anyone know how many people are on the waitlist? And how many from last year got in from the waitlist? Also she told me that I might not know until July! URG!
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    want2go2nursingskool, sorry about the news! but it looks like from last years thread quite a few ppl got off the waitlist! just wondering, when did u submit ur application?

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