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Hello! I have seen forums for the previous years' application cycles, but not for the class starting fall 2012. Sooo... how's it going for everyone? I take the GRE on Friday (gah!) so of course I'm... Read More

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    Dedicatedone thank you for your well wishes my best friend is starting Columbia in the fall I'm sure you will love it. Best of luck

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    I haven't heard anything yet, but does anyone know when classes start? I just found out I need surgery on my legs that will require 6 weeks in a cast and leg brace and to be non-weight bearing for that time. The surgery probably cannot be scheduled until mid/late April, although I plan to do some serious begging with the surgical coordinator when she calls. I know one of the schools that wait listed me starts in late May and I will still be non-weight bearing then. I'm not sure I could start school. Not to mention this is just one leg and the other would have to be done at some point....I will also be relocating from New England for whatever school I decide on and that will take time and mobility. I'm not quite sure what to do or what my options are. The surgery really is necessary, but I want to be a nurse!
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    I need some help!
    Are there any other accepted Pre-specialty ACNP (or not pre-specialty) people out there? Even better- any current vandy pre-specialty students who are or know ACNP students??

    I am having a lot of trouble deciding whether to pursue this track (acnp pre-s) or to go for my absn first. Everyone seems to have a different opinion! I know AC is what I want to do, but I keep being told by older nurses I speak with that with Acute Care inparticular, it will be really hard to get a job without nursing experience straight out of school and that in order to go into Acute Care I should have at least a year of other nursing experience. Multiple people are stressing to me that I need to practice with a BSN before going for ACNP, not just np but acute care specifically as opposed to another specialty.

    Thoughts?? Experiences?? Words of wisdom?? I appreciate it!
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    @mellzie: classes start 8/20, i'm pretty sure, with orientation the week before that.
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    Thanks, I am hoping I can pull off the surgery on the leg that has the most issues and have the surgery on the less severe leg sometime after school. A lot to think about.
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    I'm in for pre-specialty FNP!!!!!
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    @mellzie22: Congrats, that is wonderful news!!!
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    Yeah mellzie22!!!
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    congrats mellzie! i remember reading on the thread that they didn't receive one of your LOR's till later on? i'm just wondering because I submitted my app well, after the deadline around early feb. i still haven't received any confirmation that my app has gone to review or anything. i'm thinking of calling them later on this week..i've already called a couple times..hate bothering them lols. any insight would be great! thanks!
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    Yes, my recommendation got inon Feb 6 I believe. I called them Feb 16 and they said it was going for review that day. I called a week later and they told me not to expect anything until mid-March. It was a COMPLETE shock to get that letter today. I would call and ask when you application will be going for review. It was just under 3 weeks for me between the time it went for me any I got my letter. Good luck!

    And thank you everyone for the well-wishes!

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