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Hello! I have seen forums for the previous years' application cycles, but not for the class starting fall 2012. Sooo... how's it going for everyone? I take the GRE on Friday (gah!) so of course I'm trying to avoid studying for... Read More

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    @chaiyun - Oh, It's terrifying to wait so long... to me it's better to know no matter yes or no! But I am hoping everyday to be joining you sooooon..... By the way, is Vandy your #1 choice?

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    @asulliv4 i just requested to join! my name is toria

    @amandy45 i definitely want to live close to campus, even if it's a little more expensive... i just figure i'll have a couple of roommates!
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    @asulliv4. I requested to join the facebook group! My name is Candice & I was accepted to the WHNP program
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    @ TNnursehopeful-can you receive PMs? Wanted to ask you something!
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    congrats to everyone! i applied for the women's health specialty a couple weeks ago but still haven't received any confirmation of them reviewing my app. i called early last week and they said i should be receiving an email middle of this week. i'm so anxious and want to call again but don't want to bug them so much. im only waiting on this and another school..i got rejected from both columbia and upenn so i'm really hoping things look up!
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    @danceluver No I can't, I guess I haven't made enough posts to receive PMs! I'm in the facebook group though, you can find me there & message me that way.
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    @danceluver No I can't, I guess I haven't made enough posts to receive PMs! I'm in the facebook group though, you can find me there & message me that way.
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    Hi all! I got my letter on monday for acceptance into FNP direct entry. I graduate with my BSN in may. I am so excited!!
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    @TNnursehopeful--messaged you, thanks!
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    @KN4321: Sorry this reply is coming a week late! I would choose Vandy over MGH for a few different reasons, one of which is the obvious sense of pride the faculty and dean have in their program. This is super important to me, because I know that there are practitioners who don't think as highly of accelerated program grads. I believe that I will feel supported at Vanderbilt and that students will have plenty of networking opportunities with alums and local practitioners. I also appreciate the opportunity to search for specialty preceptors in my home state. And finally, the NPs that I have gone to for advice over the past year or so were thrilled to hear that I was applying to Vanderbilt. I truly respect their opinions, and they spoke very highly of their colleagues and friends who graduated from Vanderbilt (they both got their MSNs from UPenn). I'm majoring in French and Biology, and plan to visit Nashville immediately after graduation. It kills me not to be able to fly out for the open house this weekend, but I'm really excited to start looking for somewhere to live!

    I don't know if this was just me, but on the financial aid application, I couldn't figure out what to put for "credits" for Fall 2012, Winter 2013 and Summer 2013. I saw the figures from last year in the financial aid packet, but it says that curriculum for next year wouldn't be set until the end of May. Did anyone else just list the figures from last year? Maybe I'll call and ask about this tomorrow morning.

    Also, the facebook page is a great idea! I'll go ask to join!
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