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Hello! I have seen forums for the previous years' application cycles, but not for the class starting fall 2012. Sooo... how's it going for everyone? I take the GRE on Friday (gah!) so of course... Read More

  1. by   Gat0rRN
    I'm going to hop in on this thread too. I'm prepping my application for Vandy's NNP program now. Has anyone that has already submitted (for any grad program) gotten any feedback? I just received my revised GRE scores today, but haven't seen what schools are requiring on the revised scale. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. by   danceluver
    call them, they are so nice and helpful! From what i have read, in their NNP program you will have to work as an RN for 2 years before you can progress onto NNP MSN work. Anyone correct me if i wrong. I will be submitting my app shortly to their prespecialty program
  3. by   jordans
    Hey ya'll! Just found this thread and wanted to join! I am applying to the PHMNP program for 2012. I just sudmitted all of my materials about a week ago. Is anyone else shooting for the priority Dec 1 deadline? I called the next day after submitting and was told that my application "should be ready for priority review, we just have to get all of the materials together." That seems weird to me because they confirmed that they had everything so I am planning to call tomorrow and just follow up to make sure it's ready! I have also been looking for statistics of previous classes GRE scores, GPA, etc but haven't had much luck. I got a 1250 and 4.5 on my GRE and just sent those scores in. I took it back in 2008 right after graduating with my BSN and they said the scores were still valid. Anyone have any ideas of when they start sending out acceptance/rejections?
  4. by   Leah236
    hey everyone! I am applying to the whnp program for fall 2012. does anyone know if the "non-online" option actually has on-campus classes? I was told that even that option holds all classes online. Any info would be greatly appreciated!! good luck!!
  5. by   Barbaraleev
    Hello friends. I already see some familiar names, meaning we are applying to the same schools all over the country! Haha. I am applying to nurse-midwifery and I just submitted my application. I don't know how I feel about all the questions I answered, but I just really want this to work out. Not a great GRE school but a good GPA (3.89 in science and undergrad). I'd love to get in to Vandy.
  6. by   danceluver
    i haven't submitted my app yet and i'm trying to change the specialty i picked, but i can't figure out how to do that? Anyone know? Are you locked into in the application once you chose one?
  7. by   mellzie22
    I am working on the interview survey questions (late, I know) and I was just wondering how long yours were? They are pretty specific questions and I am having a hard time getting more than a couple paragraphs unless I just ramble on.
  8. by   blackbird singing
    Some of mine were anywhere from a whole page (only 1 question) to a couple short paragraphs. I think a couple of paragraphs like you say is just fine! I was reading over forums from last year and some people say they had a paragraph for each, and others say they had a whole page for each question. As long as you answer well, I don't think it matters how long it is!
  9. by   danceluver
    Is anyone else have problems uploading additional documents in that section of the application? For some reason the error message appears for me when i try to upload a document even though its a MS word file. Does anyone know why? Options?
  10. by   blackbird singing
    Quote from danceluver
    Is anyone else have problems uploading additional documents in that section of the application? For some reason the error message appears for me when i try to upload a document even though its a MS word file. Does anyone know why? Options?
    maybe try saving it as a pdf? if i'm remembering correctly, i think it has to be a .doc (can't be a .docx.... which is the 2 most recent versions of word, which i'm guessing maybe you have?). HTH!
  11. by   AnneP85
    Danceluver-- In regards to the last post-- you need to submit it as a "word document." When you go to save as, you will see file type--- scroll down the list and this should appear! I had problems with it too, but finally figured it out I am so excited about applying, and now just the waiting game i guess, right?? Who else has applied and to what specialty?
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  12. by   AnneP85
    Mellzie 22--- I have several friends/coworkers who went to the program and they all have told me 2 paragraphs, 3 tops for each. I hope this helps The longest one I had was about 1 page and a little paragraph double spaced. The others were about 1 page maybe ( double spaced) Good luck to everyone!!! I am already anxious and know we have like 3 months to wait
  13. by   danceluver
    Thanks for your help everyone....i was doing it in a doc format so it took me several different methods to figure out how to make it work and i finally did---i just changed the browser i was using and i was able to get it uploaded...don't know why it didn't work with the other browser because everything was updated. Oh well, at least i was able to complete it! Good luck everyone!!