University of Cincinnati FNP Jan 2014

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    Anyone out there who has been selected to start Jan 2014 UC FNP?

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    I applied for Spring 2014 about five weeks ago but still haven't heard anything. How long did it take you to hear and how were you notified?
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    I submitted my application at the end of July and just got my acceptance email today.
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    I Applied For This Fall, But Was Accepted For January Instead. Cant Wait To Get Started! (Typing On Phone Makes Every Word Capitalized!)
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    I am applying for Jan 2014 and my application is still not complete. Waiting for 1 letter of recommendation and 1 transcript. Hopefully within the next week it will be done. I am thinking my application is already late for Fall 2014.
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    CK did you ever hear anything about Georgetown application? I'm waiting on one more reference letter and two transcripts for UC before my application is completed. I am also applying there, but for Spring/Summer 2014 instead.
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    Hi Everyone! I am awaiting news on getting in for the Spring 2014 at UC. I think I will hear yay or nay in about 3-4 more weeks. I am very excited to begin the next journey in my career. I also applied to Graceland. I have considered South as well. I would love to connect with others who are awaiting news, starting the program, have started the program, At UC, or are looking into other schools. Please contact me here or at my email:
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    Hi everyone! I am also awaiting Graceland and am considering applying to South University as well!
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    Hi there! I have applied to UC for Spring 2014 and am currently awaiting decision. Anyone in the MD/DC area whose applying for spring/summer?
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    Accepted for Jan 2014 UC FNP program. Anxious to hear from others starting or in program currently.

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