UMN DNP Interview Process

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    I'm wondering if anyone out there who has been admitted to one of the University of Minnesota's DNP programs has some pointers to share. I've got an interview coming up in the Adult/Gero program.

    What is the written essay portion like?

    What about the interview portion?

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    Hi [COLOR=#003366]CaityV,
    I received my invitation to interview today. Did you have yours yet? If not, I bet you could call graduate admissions for some insight on what to expect for the essay. I know when I called for an status update on my application I was told if I was interviewed the questions would primarily focus on what my goals and expectations were. She told me what the essay question might be and I sure can't remember. I'm calling again tomorrow. If you had yours, care to share?
    Good Luck!!
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    I was offered an interview as well for the midwifery program. Have you been able to find out any more details about the essay? Has anyone had their interview?
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    My interview is on Thursday 1/9 for the midwifery program, all I know is the first 30-minutes are for the essay, the second 30-minutes are with the faculty.
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    Anyone hear anything yet?
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    I applied and was accepted to the DNP program for nurse anesthesia. Thankfully they didn't require the in person essay for that program. Anyone else starting this fall?

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