UAB Spring 2013 - page 2

Hello! I recently found out that I was accepted into UAB's NP program! I was wondering who else will be attending UAB in the spring for their master's.... Read More

  1. by   Cjdob2
    I'm taking just Pharm. I had a Patho and Issues transfer in from my Masters. Maybe we will have a class together in the summer!
  2. by   Cjdob2
    My advisor told me to take health assessment first, then issues and pharmacology in the summer. She is trying to get me finished by December 2014 vs. May 2015
  3. by   Tnmom3
    Good luck, as classes start today. I'm taking pharm and research. It is going to be tough w/ 3 kids and working full time. Pray for me!
  4. by   Cjdob2
    I sure will! Best wishes!! Let me know how Patho is!
  5. by   BamaRN3
    I am in the psychiatric nurse practitioner program. I'm currently in leadership and patho. Will be in Issues and Pharmacology this Summer. Patho has been tough but we are close to the end of the semester!!