1. Hello all
    I got accepted in Adult health np program. I'm a young nurse, with just one year of experience, also good grades. :-) I wanted to go back to school asap for np(after seeing so many young med students on floor), I decided why wait.
    So here are my questions:
    1.Can someone suggested me good advance patho/pharm books to review, I want to get prepared academically before school starts.
    2. I'm doing part time, how do you suggest to take classes, forexample advaced path with policy health or research classes, I heard taking patho before pharm is helpful since you have an understading of how drugs will work in your system.
    3. How do you choose preceptors for last semester? I want to work on critical floor for few years.
    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   MowbrayRN
    The diff between going right back to NP vs med students is that med school is starting from scratch, from the ground up because they know these students have no medical knowledge. NP education is different in the sense that the educational route is teaching as though you already have solid RN experience (hence why to wait).

    I am a new grad working in ICU waiting for acceptance into a DNP program to go for adult acute care NP. The reason I chose this route is the first couple years are research classes etc. so I can get comfortable and confident as an RN.

    I would consider that before going right back for an Adult NP. Just a friendly suggestion