Tennessee's RODP program: What you very much need to know before starting program!

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    I want to start out by saying that I love RODP. But, there are things you need to know:

    1. Before you can begin clinicals, four classes must be done: Health assessment, health assessment clinical, pathophysiology, and pharmacology. There are (4) semesters of clinicals, so these classes need to be done as early as possible.

    2. Do you have the contacts you need for clinicals? The school does not assist you with clinicals, if you don't have contacts for outpatient clinics for peds, women's care and adult..be ready for some tough tough times.

    3. Clinical placement can be done in other settings other then primary care, but for a limited number of hours. Doctor's offices is the only way to go.

    4. Grades must be higher then 84 in your classes.

    5. Your school's requirements vary. TTU and MTSU have different requirements, checking the school AND RODP is imperative.

    6. If you think you have a place to do clinicals? MAKE SURE YOU DO! Ask NOW and get a commitment. Placement is getting harder every day..don't assume..get it verified!

    7. Toughest classes?: Research and FNP II; hands down!

    Hope that helps!


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    Thank you so much for the tips. I am awaiting a decision on my application to the APSU FNP program and this was very helpful. Are you finding it easy to get a decent paying job with this online degree?
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    ABSOLUTELY! Honestly? Most graduates or FNP's come from online programs in my area; there is no preference.
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    FNP II was rough. I would add try your hardest not to take FNP II during the summer session. I did and it was crazy!
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    So I finally got word that I am accepted to the program! Now I am trying to decide if I will go full time or part time. I would like to go full time which would have me taking these courses this summer: policy, assessment and clinical, and patho. How difficult is it to take all of these classes at once?

    Also, I don't want to get stuck taking 2 clinical courses at once so is it possible to go part time after I get all if these early courses out of the way?

    Thank you so much...any advice is very helpful!
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    Congrats on your acceptance to the TN RODP program!! Will you start in Fall? I have applied for Spring 2014 (ETSU), but haven't heard an admission decision yet.
    Best of luck!
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    I start this summer...I'm pretty excited!
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    I took pharm, adv. health assessment and clinical and patho in the summer..IT WAS HORRIBLE! NO WAY i could have worked and done it. With health assessment, videotaping and sending in the DVD's was so time consuming! But patho was difficult too. Remember: Your first semester for sure..you MUST maintain a 3.0 which means nothing less then 84 in all four classes. Think about that long and hard before you register for that many classes this summer. Hope that helps!
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    Also remember: You must have patho done before you can begin any of the clinicals..and that's four classes.
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    ABSOLUTELY you can go full-time or part-time! Remember full time for the grad program is less hours then BS. If you don't want to double down on your clinicals (I didn't either) just make sure you get the core completed as soon as possible (the four i listed). You can take as many or as few classes as you want in the program..its up to you.
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