Study Questions/Practice Exam for WHNP NCC Exam???

  1. Greetings!

    I just graduated May 2012 from my WHNP program. I have been studying using Fitzgerald's audio discs. I have just completed the review, however I would like to take a practice test and find some review questions. I plan to test in the next two weeks...

    1. Can anyone recommend a great WHNP/NCC set of review questions or practice test?

    2. Can anyone elaborate on whether or not Fitzgerald's review alone completely prepared them for the WHNP/NCC exam?

    3. Advice? Tips?
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  3. by   nlt284
    I am waiting to take my NCC exam and have been studying Fitzgerald's online WHNP course. What did you think of the exam, and what would you recommend to use for studying? THanks for any information!
  4. by   naemill05
    Fitzgerald's audio discs review is great! I also recommend Midwifery & Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Certification Review Guide by Beth Kelsey. Study study study!
  5. by   Dembitz
    I used the same resources as above (Fitzgerald audio discs and Kelsey review book). I also used the CDC STD study modules. Felt the exam was very straightforward and I was well prepared.
  6. by   nlt284
    The Kelsey review book has generalized, basic information in my opinion. Do you feel that it provided sufficient knowledge for the exam, or do you think the more in depth info from Fitzgerald was more in line with the exam?
  7. by   Dembitz
    Hmm, I'm not sure I remember in that much detail. I did the entire Kelsey book once, listened to the Fitzgerald CDs once, and took the test. I scored "very strong" in all content areas except pharmacology, and was "strong" in pharm. It didn't feel like a test that was out to trick you or test you on random irrelevant information (hello NCLEX and ANCC ANP exam). They're not going to ask for second line STI treatment options for a pregnant patient with multiple drug allergies, they just want to make sure that you know to treat her for syphilis.