Scared I may not get through my NP program

  1. I am in my final semester of school. I am in a post master's adult NP program. I just finished my midterm and did not do very well. I really struggle with the tests and test taking strategies. I know the school makes the tests like boards. My final is 12/5. I am terrified of not passing the final. All of the hell I have been through for these past 2 years will be futile. Any suggestions as to how to better prepare for the final. I was told to do alot of test questions in the review books. I have three review books. I had been doing questions before the midterm but I still struggle with the test taking strategies. I so badly want to be successful in getting through this program. Any suggestions would be so helpful.

    Thank you
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  3. by   bsnanat2
    I feel your pain, but must encourage you to calm down. Think about are in your last semester. You have done the hard part. Talk to your professors. Believe me, they want you to pass. As nervous as you may be, I am sure this is not the first exam your program has given you, so take it just like any other because it is. Don't flavor the exam with "everything that rides on it." The exam can only cover what you've been taught. You've done the hard part. Don't make this last bit harder. I'm sure you'll do well.
  4. by   bayouchick02
    First off, remember to breathe!! Lol. I understand the anxiety, but that much of it will interfere with your test taking. Before every test, I always said a little prayer to help get me through. That definitely calmed my nerves which allowed me to adequately think through each answer choice.

    Oh yeah, be sure to read each question carefully and read all answer choices before answering. Once u select an answer, DO NOT CHANGE IT! I can't tell you the number of times I've missed a question that I originally had correct because I changed it! Good luck, I hope this helps :-)
  5. by   Tinabeanrn
    I am all for studying questions but I think it is better to have a really good understanding of the material. When I studied I would read the disease in 3 to 4 different resources...say HTN. Read it in your text, Epocrates online, Web MD, and whatever quick reference books you have. Study the material until you have a good understanding and dont feel you need to review it any more. If you study questions, look up the rationale to each answer. Ask yourself why or why not...immediately eliminate the options that you know it is not and go from there. You should always be able to get your selections down to 2 options by asking yourself "why or why not?" Remember that the answer is already on the paper or computer screen, you just have to have the knowledge to answer correctly. You CAN do it! You have not come this far to fail. Take the above advice as well. Dont change answers. If you are unsure about an answer, leave it blank and come back to it. when you come back to the questions you did not answer, start off my looking at the answers then read the question. Does any answer stick out to you, even if you dont know why it sticks out, that is probably the answer. Say your prayers and go for it. You got this! I will send prayers your way as well. Best wishes
  6. by   123Cindylee
    Thank you all for you advice and encouragement. Ones month from today I will be taking my final exam. I am going to study and review and answer questions ad nauseum so I can get through this program and graduate. I will heed all the advice I have received from you. I just want it to be over!! Thank you again!
  7. by   Tinabeanrn
    You will literally blink your eye and it will be over. The torture will come to an end and you will find yourself sort of missing school soon. Watch! Best wishes on the exam. You got this. Its only a test, and just believe that you already passed.