Require Doctorate for Nurse Practitioner Degree

  1. 0 Hello all, I was wondering if anyone else knows about the new rule that Nurse Practitioners will be requires to have a Doctorate in nursing to practice starting 2015. I recently started back to school for my Bachelors degree and planned to get my NP afterwards, I never planned on getting my doctorate. Since I will be done with my bachelors very soon I started checking out MSN programs and I was told that by 2015 all NP programs will be doctorate programs. I'm kind of frustrated because I don't want to go back for four more years which is what I was told. I feel that if I am to do that then I might as well go to med school. But I really want to be and FNP. I'm so torn and frustrated. What advice do you all have? What have y'all been told about this new requirements? Any advice or information would be helpful.
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    Check out the NP forum where this has been discussed very frequently.

    Right now, it is a vision only. No mandate for 2015. Yes, many programs are currently moving on to the DNP.

    But, as stated, it is not ..... yet.
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    Thanks!! I will check it out!

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