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    I'm torn between two future career paths. If I become a FNP, what areas would I be able to work in besides primary care?

    Could I work in dermatology and the ER since it encompasses all age groups, or would I need extra training?

    Why choose NP over a Physician Assistant masters (besides more autonomy and following the "nursing model") if a PA is not restricted to only one area?

    In all honesty...if you were very young, single, no kids, had a BSN and all the PA prereqs done, would you become a NP or PA (HONESTLY) and why? If you choose NP, what specialty would you go in? Do you think the market is better for a NP or PA right now? Sorry for the many questions, just trying to make a wise decision. I've been researching for several months, and I'm still hopelessly torn right down the middle.

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    Moving to the NP forum to help you get a better response.
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    I don't really know all the differences between them bc they both function very similarly. However, the nursing/np path appealed more to me bc I would be able to get the hands on patient care experience before jumping into a practitioner role. I also feel like you have more options as a nurse practitioner, but that's just my opinion!
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    Honestly? PA, especially if you think you might want to do ER. My husband is a PA, I'm a FNP, my training was very good for primary care, I would be a fish out of water in the ER. I do like the more holistic approach of nursing vs medical model, but I think that varies by program and what the person brings to it, because while my husband is very much in line with the medical model, I work with a PA who is probably more holistic than me.

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