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Hi Guys, I am currently enrolled in a PMHNP program. I was wondering what my realistic salary expectations should be? I am willing to relocate to just about anymore (preferably warm!) I search... Read More

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    I agree, but making good money wouldn't hurt
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    Anyone know how to check and see which states have the best salaries for PMHNPs? I'm end to graduating with a lot of debt and really need to pay off everything asap. I'm willing to move pretty much anywhere.
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    Mzaur, the BLS publishes data on nurse practitioner salaries and concentrations by state and metro area. You could check that out though it wouldn't be specific to psych.
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    Thank you. I did look there but saw that it was only NP, not specific to PMH
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    I have heard that PMHNP are the highest paid out of all advanced practice nurses, the last class from Drexel were all hired making 117+ annually
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    Yes 117k per year, for the NorthEast for PMHNP
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    117k is great. Do you know if those jobs included NHSC loan forgiveness? When I'm done, I'm thinking of getting the 60k forgiveness for 2 years of service at an underserved area, but I am wondering how much lower the salaries are in those areas because a) it's underserved and probably rural b) they know you're getting the loan forgiveness and probably lower the salaries accordingly
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    I am a Psych RN that is one year into my PMHNP program and I have already been courted and offered 2 jobs and I don't graduate until December. There is a need in Alabama for 700 psychiatrists and there are only 300. There are only 50 PMHNP and 15 of them work for the VA. One job offer was for 6 figures and the other was close. That being said I went into the mental health field because I love my patients and want to improve an area of care that is unfortunately in dire need of improvement. You should not go into any area of service for money; however the idea that a PMHNP is not going to be in demand throughout the country is false. Experience, education, and personality will all affect salary negotiations so I would concentrate on doing a great job, learning as much as possible, and presenting myself as an advocate for mental health. Good Luck!!!
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    Which schools closed their psych track?
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    BamaPsych, I am currently working at a geri-psych unit in Bham and have been prompted by our Dr.'s to go into the pmhnp program at UAB... I am curious which program you are involved with. They have basically offered me a job upon completion with a promise of being at, or very near the six figure mark. PM me if you would care to share some information. Thank you and good luck to all
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    Hi all,
    I am an adult NP. but I think that there is a great need in psy NP in my population. But I am worried about the the work load daily. I need to see 20 or more pts every day in my clinic. How many pts will a psy. NP need to see daily? Also, is there a lot of paper work and f/u labs reports need to do everyday?

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