1. How do i know if pmhnp is right for me. I work on a medical/behavioral unit and really like the psych aspect and am considering psych np school. is this enough experience to go through with the pmhnp. also, does anyone suggest shadowing a psych np? is so/or not; Why?
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  3. by   myelin
    Do you want to be a healthcare provider? Do you want to specifically just provide for mental health? Are you interested in meds and therapy? Do you like the nursing model? Do you have a degree yet? These are all things to consider... and yes, try and shadow a psych NP...
  4. by   jh07418
    yea a BSN
  5. by   mpolen6497
    This is for well as again, I can't send private messages. I have some questions for you again. Do you know what states allow psych NP to provide one on one therapy? I'm assuming that all states do not allow this. Also, is it similar to FNP where you can prescribe meds but certain meds need to come from an MD? Do you have to run everything you do past an MD? How much autonomy do you really have?
  6. by   OneDNP
    jh07418 - I am a PMHNP/DNP and an FNP. If you are interested in becoming a psych-NP, there are a number of quality programs across the country and many require little to no experience as a psych nurse. I graduated from UTHSC and they offer duel certification FNP/PMHNP in their 3-year BSN-DNP program. Since you already have psych experience as an RN, you will be prepared, but I agree you should shadow and talk to a few PMHNPs in your state to see if the work is right for you. There are so many opportunities within the role, especially since they are incorporating more of the CNS therapy-focus into NP education.

    mpolen - you will graduate prepared to perform medication management and individual/group/family therapy in the hospital and community settings, but you have to check your state practice acts for NP scope.

    APNA is a great resource for links to programs, state information, and upcoming legislation: Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse Resources - American Psychiatric Nurses Association
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    good info. what sort of work are you in right now. do you enjoy the career choice. and that BSN-DNP sounds really interesting. ill have to look into that route. but i am interested about what exactly you do and if you like it.