Pls advice on my Statemnt of Purpose-MSN Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

  1. Anyone willing to review and give advice on my Statement of Purpose to the UT AE MSN Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Statement of Purpose? Deadline is Nov. 1st.

    In 2007, at 27years old I was accepted into the Dallas Baptist University GraduateProgram to earn my Masters in Counseling. My professional career hadtaken me to the front lines of the tobacco industry, where I gainedperspective on the power of addiction. I needed more from myprofessional life. I knew that my humanitarian values were not beingmet in a world of communicating ideas for the sake of profit. Iwanted to specialize in interpersonal communication, personal growth,and healing, and this lead me to choose mental health.
    I never could haveanticipated what was to unfold, ultimately leading to my current viewon the crucial role mental health professionals with a strongfoundation in medicine can change the course of their patients lives.
    Two weeks into thegraduate program I witnessed an unseemly series of events thatculminated in the sudden death of my fiance. Overnight I went frombeing a student of mental health to a patient. I was thrust into aholistic system of care to treat my symptoms of PTSD, which saved mylife, due to the effective combination of psychological, clinical,and medical therapies. Today, as a mother, and a student pursing acareer in nursing, I want to take full advantage of my persistentdrive to help others to heal. This AE MSN Family Psychiatric NursePractitioner Program will equip me as a provider with all aspects ofmental health care, which I personally can attest, is the mosteffective path to recovery. When I started my Masters of Counseling,I wanted to help people, but after my experience as a patient, I knowI want to help by bridging the gap between therapists andpsychiatrists, having every tool at my disposal. This new perspectiveis why I want to be in the MSN Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner program atthe University of Texas.
    I've always beendrawn to the mental heath field. Even as an undergraduate, Ivolunteered with Denton MHMR, learning the immense need foraccessible and affordable care for those who are suffering fromdebilitating mental health issues. I sincerely sympathized withsocial stigma they faced. As a volunteer both a small surgical officeand with Austin Groups for the Elderly, I saw the day-to-dayenvironment of the nurses who provided more than just the medicalcare of patients, treating them with dignity and compassion, and Iadmired the rapport and confidence they have with those they carefor. But ultimately, my experience as a patient gave me insight intohow important it is to fully treat a someone suffering from a mentaldisorder, with a thorough medical background.
    Years after thislife-changing event, I began my path towards becoming a nurse. Ifound my previously undiscovered passion for science and the medicalfield, and was strongly encouraged by my anatomy, physiology andmicrobiology professors to apply to this program. My GRE from 2007has expired, and I plan to take it again by spring or sooner, buteven knowing my GRE circumstance, their belief in my abilities urgedme to apply. As a single mom, I work hard to be able to support myson and to stay at the top of my class. Nursing allows me to providefor my son, and qualifies me to work with patients, and theadditional certification as a psychiatric nurse practitioner pavesthe way for me to assess, diagnose and treat my patients holisticallywith psychotherapy and medicine when necessary.
    My educationbackground is diverse, and while the circumstances that have led towhere I am today, were not ideal, now at 32 years old, as a singlemom with an expired GRE score, my plan in life and plan for my careercomes full circle with a return to the mental health field throughthis program. I have clearly defined my future path. My vision -- toeffectively and comprehensively treat patients as a Psychiatric NursePractitioner so they can live full and productive lives - dovetailswith this program and I have no doubt I will not only succeed, but Iwill thrive. And I want to comprehensively assess, diagnosis andtreat my future patients so they can not just live with a mentaldisorder, but, like me, recover, pursue their life passions, goalsand thrive.
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  3. by   daviex
    You have several run on sentences so definitely edit for that. There are times the flow is a little off. Make sure if they had any specific questions or criteria that you answered them in the essay. Other than that it feels real and from the heart and that's good. It makes you a real person to them, not just another applicant. Good luck!!!!
  4. by   ryannrathbone
    Thank you! I just realized, when I pasted it, the formatting came out funky... there are a lot of words that are combined that aren't in my word doc.
    Again, thank you for reading and giving me some feedback!