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  1. Hi all! I have been reading the posts prior to and wanted to let you guys know...DONT STRESS!!!! I just took the AANP ANP exam this morning, passed, and it was WAY easier than I thought it would be!!

    I used Fitzgerald live course, Fitzgerald book, and Leik book to study and I think all of those were extremely helpful. I worked full time, and studied 1-2 hours a day!

    I was freaking out before and finished over an hour early! You can definitely do it! DEFINITELY!!!!!!!! I wanted to give everyone a little encouragement because I know how stressful it is to not know!!!
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  3. by   Nne1
    I do agree with you. Stress, Anxiety and brain overload can definately be ones downfall. The key is to be prepared and ready for this exam before you go to test. And ofcourse Prayer!!!!
  4. by   nikkiv731
    It's so frustrating.... when i first scheduled the exam I had though that it would be straight forward just like you said... but after reading what some people have said on this forum (that, although they passed, they thought the test was really hard after studying for 4-6 weeks 8-10hrs a day!!)... i went through a direct-entry nursing program and passed my nclex after taking a review class and studying for a weekend but for some reason i am SO nervous about taking the AANP exam.
    I have already postponed it once (i was scheduled for july 21 and now i am scheduled for aug 24....). i am setting up my study plan for the next 20 days right now and i hope to feel good going into it....
  5. by   standout22
    I felt the AANP exam was basic, and similar to the NCLEX. Basically, if you adequately studied during your graduate education, prepared utilizing a proven preparatory course (i.e. Fitzgerald) then statistically you will pass the exam. Both certification exams have a >80% pass rate. Because these exams are anxiety producing, you should understand that 8 out of 10 people pass this exam. So, if you did your due diligence while attending your NP program, and have given time to complete a review course you'll pass. I studied hard during my NP program, listened/worked through the Fitzgerald program and passed with ease.

    Standout22, NP-C
  6. by   fitchick20
    I am also schedule to take the AANP exam on Aug 24th! I have a solid study plan for almost everday until then too! I am so nervous! If anyone has any advice on what they feel helped them on the test the most, I would love to hear it! I have mutliple study sources that I am using, but I would love to hear what worked for others!