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I need advice from those who failed the AANP exam the first time. I took the exam and failed. I am waiting for my official letter in the mail so I can apply to retest. I am very upset and discouraged. I studied very hard using... Read More

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    I failed the AANP exam last Monday. Don't really know where to go from there. Registered and paid to do the ANCC exam, so now playing the waiting game and unsure what to do in my down time. I had previously taken several practice exams through APEA and went through that review book and listened to Fitzgerald CDs and also her review book. Suggestions? I just purchased Leik to read what it says. Very very frustrated!

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    Would you like to talk about the exam?!? I also failed jan me
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    I actually failed the AANP in February 2014... totally blown away that I was unsuccessful. I put the time and hours into the studying with no luck. I decided to go with the ANCC. I haven't taken it yet, but have concerns. I felt that I studied all of the wrong things with the AANP. If there are any ideas on where I should go to get examples of research questions, theories, etc., PLEASE chime in! I want this over with! =)
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    Hi there, I took AANP exam yesterday and failed. I am so disappointment myself. I need help. Please any one give me advises.

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    I am retesting for the agacnp with ancc. Can you offer any advise on your second exam? Did you see the same questions that were on your 1st exam or totally different questions. Very anxious! I sure don't want to go through this again. Thanks in advance

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